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 Where do I begin? I met Danielle with such a creative block, a zillion questions, and slight self-doubt due to feeling overwhelmed by my business goals and hurdles. Within the first 3 minutes, I was in complete and total awe. This woman is an explosion of information, positive reinforcement, and has a very direct, "tell it like it is, ask for what you need, go for what you want", approach. Something that I have always possessed, but can become shy with when it comes to certain things. All of this was laid to rest today as she affirmed and confirmed where I am at, where I will go, and what I need to grow and expand professionally. 
 Great stuff all the way around. 
 Couldn't have asked for a better session. 
 Thanks, Danielle! Your success extends very far!"
 Extremely knowledgeable on the industry she teaches in and also other creative outlets as well. Is straight forward and about business. Danielle didn't just lecture but showed her students what to actually do and also her own work. In other words Danielle teaches on how to be about action! I took a word press class at Blue Lacuna I'd highly recommend taking Danielle's class and also following her to learn about her other creative talents and abilities!"
 Danielle was such a breath of fresh air. She had so many great tips and suggestions on how I can improve my brand and build on what I already have. She is an active listener who made me feel at ease right away. She never combatted an idea I had with "That can not happen." Instead, she provided me with the tools and encouragement I needed to start thinking, "HOW can we make that happen." She is extremely professional and personable all at the same time. I truly enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend her services."
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